The carpet which serves as a floor in our houses has a significance, carpet is a luxurious item and people invest a lot of money. Thus, like any other investment carpets also needs to be protected and maintained. Being a flooring a carpet is vulnerable to dust, dirt and debris, but the major problem is stains and that too stubborn stains.

One of the toughest stains on a carpet is ink, you might have spilled some ink on the carpet and now you’re worried that your carpet is ruined, but it’s not. There are a few ways to deal with any type of ink stain on the carpet.

There are three types of ink, maybe there’s a teenager in your home and their pen has broken nib, so we’ll cover all type of carpet ink stain removal procedure.

Remove Link Stain From the Carpet

Remove Link Stain From the Carpet

Ballpoint Pen Ink Stain Removal

Ballpoint pens are known for smooth writing, they’re very comfortable when it comes to writing fast. The leakage happens rarely, but if it happens, it becomes really a mess.

Any hairspray product can be very useful in removing ball-point pen ink. You can buy it from your nearest local store, any hair-spray product would work, even the cheapest one.

Follow the step carefully:-Take the spray can and aim it towards the affected area, now release the pressure and let the stain get immersed.

Now, take a clean white cloth and blot the stain, you need to do this process until the whole stain goes away.

Don’t rub the cloth against the stain, as the stain will only get worse. Have patience, the stain will surely disappear slowly.

When you start to see the stain is gone, let the area dry on its own. After a while take a brush and scrub the carpet in order to remove the remainings, after you’re done using the vacuum cleaner to clean the mess.

Treating Water Based Ink Stain

Unlike ball-point ink stain, water-based ink stain is common, ink can spill anytime, anywhere. The use of water-based ink is traditional, but still, it can happen. Here are some steps for removing water-based carpet ink stain removal.

Prepare the solution of dishwashing liquid soap and lukewarm water. Soak a clean soft cloth in the solution and then dab it on the area affected with stain. Have patience and continuously dab the stain, the stain will slowly disappear. When the stain is gone, use clean water to wash the area. Soak the cloth and dab, after that let the area dry.

Carpet Ink Stain Removal

Carpet Ink Stain Removal

Reach out to professionals.

Professional carpet cleaners would be the best bet for your carpet, they can do the work in less time also the result would be surprising. Tip Top Clean Team is one of the best carpet cleaning service provider. If your carpet has got ink stain, then you should call us we guarantee you that our experts will give you the complete solution for carpet stain removal. Our team has expert professional carpet cleaners, we perform all kind of carpet cleaning work.