Pest Control Hobart

All about Pest Control in Hobart

Pests are unwanted insects, plants, animals, or germs which interfere in humans’ day to day life. They destroy our crops, damage our property and bite us resulting into infection. In short, they are detrimental to human health, environment and ecology.

Pest Control Hobart
Pest Control Hobart

How to get rid of pests?

Pest control treatment by experts is the safest, most efficient and best way to get rid of pests. Our company is known for decades to be experts in eradicating pests from your house. We are one of the most trusted and longest-serving Pest Control Company in Hobart. We don’t just kill pests but also provide treatment that prevents your house from pest attacks in the future. Our focus is to give the best service and value for money to our customers.

What makes us the best at Pest Control?

  • We kill 100% pests and rodents in and around your house with our non-toxic, environmental friendly spraying solutions and pest control methods.
  • We ensure that your family members and pets stay safe. We pay special focus in case you have elderly people or kids at your house. In such cases, we keep in consideration any kind of allergies which can affect them.
  • We give you 12 months warranty which means that we promise that after our treatment, your house will be pest free for minimum one year.
  • We use latest technology to remove all pests and their nests from your property.
  • We use tried and tested methods to track down termites and help you get rid of them from your property.
  • Our staff is fully licensed, insured and certified to take care of your house as their own. We use cutting edge technology to protect your home.
  • We provide effective treatment for over 35 pests including Termites, White Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Flies, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Rats, Mice, Rodents, Wasps, Moth and many more.

Common Pests in Hobart

Termites – Termites and Bores can cause severe damages to the buildings which have used timber or other kind of woods in their construction. Inspection should happen every 3 – 12 months in Hobart houses depending on the amount of wood used in the construction and history of termites. Following the inspection, our team would recommend monitoring, baiting system and treatment required.

Rat and Mice Control Hobart
Rat and Mice Control Hobart

When purchasing a new property, termite inspection from us would mean saving your precious house and thousands of dollars on repair.

Spiders – Redback spiders are very common in Hobart. Our expert team can provide treatment against spiders by treating the cracks, pipes, doorways, outdoor windows.

Cockroaches – The dropping of cockroaches can lead to asthma and aggravate allergies. Our team uses a combination of bait gel and low toxic pesticide. This will provide your property a long-term safety against cockroaches.

Rats and Mice – Rats and Mice thrive in the roofs and wall cavities and cause huge amount of damage as they chew away all things here and there, leaving residue behind which leads to diseases. You should be more careful if your house is in the block of a restaurant or a food joint. We provide you best services in getting rid of these rats, mice and rodents.

So, do not delay and contact us anytime at 0482074319 to prevent your property from pests and any future attack by the pests.

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Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia