Misunderstanding of Wool Carpet Cleaning

The wool carpets are known to be pleasant and luxurious pieces of home décor that a person can install in their house, with a particular amount of flair which can only originate from the organic materials. However, many people are there who misunderstand to take the proper care of the carpets when it comes to the cleaning as well as carpet stain removal of the woolen carpets. The expert guide would help you to get a clear understanding of the wool cleaning and get rid of all the misunderstandings. Here is the guide of myths and common truths of the wool carpet cleaning as prepared by the experts cleaning. 

Common Myths and Truth of Wool Carpet Cleaning 

First Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstanding:

Don’t make the clean wool carpets wet (such as wet dirt extractor), for damaging the fibers of the carpet. 

True Fact

Wool is actually known the form of the hair and it is just like the human air that can also be cleaned off with the help of water. The proper working of the wet extraction machine will prevent your wool carpets to get damaged. 

Second Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstanding:

Wet wool carpet cleaning can shrink the fibers of the carpet.

True Fact

Wool carpets can be cleaned easily with the help of cold water and lukewarm water. Since the wool fiber is very absorbent, you should not saturate the wool carpet with too much cleaning solutions. 

Third Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstanding:

The wool carpet can turn brown by the wet cleaning process. 

True Fact

If the wool carpet gets discolored after the wet cleaning by the Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane experts, it is due to applying much moisture on the backing of the carpet than the wool fibers. You should be sure to test the small, area of your carpet before cleaning. This will also help you to ensure that it is truly colorfast and that the cleaning attempt would not discolor it.   

Fourth Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstanding:

Wool requires drying naturally by air. 

True Fact

The wool carpets should be dried as soon as possible. You should make sure that the carpet is in the well-ventilated room and uses the air movers, blowers or fans in the area that blow on the carpet to dry it faster and easier. If you have been using the deep carpet cleaning machine, make the extra vacuum passes in order to remove moisture and allow for faster drying. 

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