Sanitizing the carpet is a very essential job and it should be done seriously because a dirty carpet might cause a serious health issue. A dirty carpet harbours millions of bacteria and pests such as ticks & fleas, which might be really bad for humans. The bacterias & pest are health hazards and may cause physical discomfort as well, carpet is also one of the vulnerable things at home which is hugely affected by dir, dust & germs. Therefore, in this blog, we have simplified the method to sanitize carpet, so that the carpet becomes clean and safe for family and health.

Carpet Sanitizing
Carpet Sanitizing

Here Are Some Methods For Carpet Sanitization.

Doing carpet sanitization is an easy task and anyone can do it, you just need all the supplies and a little bit of determination.

To Begin, Gather Following Items.

  • Vinegar.
  • Warm Water.
  • Steam Cleaning Machine.

Once you Gather All These Items Start The Carpet Sanitization.

  • Step-1: Use vinegar for sanitizing the carpet, add half a cup of vinegar in half a cup of warm water, pour this solution in a spray bottle. Mix it well, then apply all over the surface of the carpet. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, it is the efficient bacteria killer, you can also add vinegar into steam cleaning, it’ll do the job. When you’re spraying the vinegar, make sure that the surface is moistened.
  • Step-2: By steam cleaning the carpet you can do the carpet deep cleaning in a better way, take out the Steam Carpet Cleaning machine and add water in the compartment, now add either vinegar or any other cleaning solvent. Make sure it’s a certified brand. Run the steam cleaning machine horizontally, from one end to another end at once, move in this pattern and keep your speed slow.

Following the above method, you can make your carpet 100% cleaned and sanitized. These methods are completely safe and can be followed by anyone, however, it’s better to leave this work to professionals, they have proper knowledge and expertise to do the work more better.

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Call Professionals.

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