Pets are treated as part of the family. There are times when they pee on the carpets and thus it leaves dirty stains and stinky smell. You may well train your pet but there are chances that this kind of accident takes place. Fresh urine stains are easy to remove but it becomes a headache to remove stubborn stains if they turned old. It is highly suggested to treat stains as soon as you notice them so that it quickly comes out of your carpet. Moreover, if these stains are dried then it may lead to the growth of bacteria. It is not a big task to remove urine stains from your carpet. All you have to do is follow the right method and you will receive an outstanding result. Below is the proper method for pet urine stain removal and odour removal from the carpets.

Pet Urine Stain Removal
Pet Urine Stain Removal

Pet Urine And Odour Removal Method

Step 1: Blot The Urine

The first step you should follow is to blot the urine. Once you find that the accident has taken place rush before the liquid is set in the carpet, make sure you blot it taking a fresh cloth or sponge. Ensure to remove as much urine you can from the carpet so that there is no chance of mould growth. To blot the urine from your lovely carpets use the proper technique, press the cloth properly on it for effective results.

Step 2: Mark The Stain

Once you are done with removing the excess amount of liquid from your carpet, mark the stains. For proper treatment, you should know where all the stains are spread. You can use a black flashlight to notice the dried urine stains. This will help in applying the solution properly to stained areas.

Step 3: Make Vinegar Solution

For through urine stain removal make the vinegar solution. To prepare this solution take an equal amount of white vinegar and water and mix it properly. Later add the solution in a spray bottle. After that spray the solution on the stained areas and wait for 15 minutes. Make sure you are covering all stained area by the solution. The solution will set in the fabric and will remove the stains marks. After 15 minutes you can remove the solution taking another fresh cloth. Blot the solution properly so that there is no amount of solution is left in the fabric.

Step 4: Sprinkle Baking Soda

In the next step, take baking soda which will remove the bad urine smell from your carpet. Baking soda is the best and natural sanitizer and deodorizer. It removes the awful odour present on your carpet. Moreover, baking soda is easily available in all the kitchen. You can take extra amount when you get down for carpet sanitization as baking soda doesn’t harm the fabric. Once you sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, wear gloves and dab it properly. Leave it for about 30 minutes so that the baking soda will soak the urine stains completely.

Step 5: Vacuum The Carpet

It is very important to vacuum your carpet once you are done removing urine stains and odour. Vacuuming will help in removing the pet hairs as well as the baking soda particles. You can attach the brush to your vacuum for thorough cleaning. Use the best vacuum machine so that there is no pet hair or any kind of particles left on your carpet. After vacuuming, if you still feel the smell of urine then you can repeat the procedure. Sometimes the smell is so strong that it doesn’t go with one go so it is suggested to go for the second time and you will receive the better outcome.

Step 6: Let The Carpet Dry

Drying the carpet is the last step you are supposed to follow. It is very important to let your carpet dry, it helps in avoiding allergies. Open your window or you can use the best dryers. There are many dryers which comes with advanced technology and dry the carpet within no time. Do not use your carpet if it is not dried completely as this may lead to mould growth as well as it even leads to many allergens.

Carpet Sanitization Service
Carpet Sanitization Service

Take The Help Of Professionals

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