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The season of summer is the one season where your thoughts should always focus more on the enjoying as well as relaxation of the lifestyle of outdoor. This can be in the form of spending quality time on beach and enjoying the watersports. The main problem of this season is that your kids would also have vacation in their schools, and families visit each other. Thus, this leads to increase in number of people who walk on your carpet. However, it makes it very difficult for you to carry the process of carpet cleaning.

This also results in the wear as well as tear of carpets by becoming stained or dirty.  In addition, it also increases unless and until you put it in the right place for some of the preventative measures. Thus, there are many tips that you can use to maintain carpets in summer season. Here are 3 major tips which should be followed for carpet maintenance in summer.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

Tips for Maintaining Carpets in Summer

Applying No Shoe Policy

It is well-known that the sole of the shoe is the only and major culprit that can trap much amount of dirt and dust on the surface of your carpets. The easiest way for having the cleaner carpet for a longer time period is to ask visitors and family members for removing the shoes before entering the house. The simplest action can drastically reduce the amount of moisture, grass, dirt, and grime which lives in the fibers of the carpet. Carpet Stain Removal Companies often  suggest it one of the best ways for maintaining carpets in summer.

Regular Vacuuming

The regular vacuuming of the carpets will turn to be great for maintaining their cleanliness. Thus, you should be sure that thorough cleaning is performed and it should be repeated every week. Then another method is to sprinkle some amount of bicarbonate of soda on the carpet before going for vacuuming. This will help to eliminate any type of odour from the carpet and give it a clean and fresh smell.

Placing Area Mats and Runners

Summer season is the time for the deck parties, barbeques and gathering in porch. You should place runners and rugs in such high traffic areas for decreasing the wear and tear of your carpets. Carpet Stain Removal experts also recommend placing doormat on the entrance of the front door as it will encourage all the guests to wipe their feet before entering inside the house. This will also help to remove the dirt and dust particles from the bottom of their shoes. The best thing a person can do is investing in the waterproof doormat. This will help to reduce the probability of the carpet to get wet and accumulate different particles of dust or dirt on their surface.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Hire Tip Top Clean Team Professional

We at Tip Top Clean Team are well-known for our effective carpet cleaning services, as we excel in providing some of the best results of cleaning. We have all the experienced, trained and skilled cleaners who know to use all the latest technology for cleaning. We also provide the service of Same Day Carpet Cleaning, if you want emergency cleaning of carpets for any function or cause.  Thus, hiring our experts would turn out to be beneficial for you.