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Bathroom Tiles are always a tough job to handle. Using hard stain removal can damage the tiles. Compare to kitchen tile bathroom tiles is harder because it contains a waterproof surface. Though it results in fungus and bacteria which stuck on the tiles. So it’s necessary to clean them once in a week regularly because it’s the frequency of use.
Nevertheless, if you feel lazy and find this cleaning job doing tough on your own, you can always go for professional help. They are experienced in this business and served you with the top best quality of services. If you want to have the best results in cleaning and want to maintain healthy surroundings always hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service.

Bathroom Tiles and Grout Cleaning
Bathroom Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Follow The Given Below Home-made Cleaning Solutions Which You Can Try It For Tile And Grout Cleaning;


  • Vinegar works safe and effective because of its acidic nature.
  • It plays an important role in cleaning all the hard stains like mould, mildew and bacterias.
  • It’s also effective in cutting through water spots, mineral deposits and soap scum.
  • Simply add some clean water into an empty spray bottle along vinegar.
  • Spray the solution on the effective spotted area and leave it for a while.
  • Using a brush and sponge gently scrub. Rub until the stain doesn’t get off from the tiles.
  • Use baking soda if you find the stain hard and stubborn


  • Using salt can dehydrate all the germs and bacterias from the tiles and it also helps in killing all the hard stubborn mould and dirt.
  • Simply wet the area and clean it first with a clean cloth.
  • Mix some water and salt together and make a paste of it.
  • Gently applies the past on the stain.
  • Scrub the surface completely and leave it for a while

Lemon Juice

  • Lemon juice plays an acidic role in nature and works properly to removes all kind of mildews and moulds.
  • If you want more good results simply add baking soda and lemon juice and make a mixture of it
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning


  • Borax is a chemical and high alkaline in nature.
  • Borax deodorizes the whole tiles properly and kills all the germs and bacteria.
  • Gently put some borax into an empty bowl and with the help of using a sponge scrub it on the tile.
  • Leave it for a while then clean it with a fresh wet cloth

Steam Cleaning

  • Steam cleaning tiles and grout is one of the best and safest way to clean tile and grout completely.
  • You can hire professional tile and grout cleaners to do the job done fully and serve the best quality of service.
  • Before steam cleaning always remember to read the instructions carefully and do the work accordingly.
Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning
Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning

Professional help

At Tip Top Clean Team, we provide the top best quality of service. We make sure that our customers should stay safe and feel the luxurious beauty of the cleanness of there tile. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service provide you with the top best services at an affordable price rate and with 100% guaranteed service. Tip top clean team offers Special services so, book an appointment today and call us on 0488 853 577