Why do I need professional carpet cleaning?

The cleaner looking carpets are also dirty from inside. They absorb all kinds of dust particles, allergens, pollutants, viruses, and what not. That is why it is essential to get your carpets cleaned thoroughly by professional cleaners. Dirty carpets harm the life of your carpets and are risky for the well being of your loved ones too. We at Tip Top Clean Team give your carpets a complete makeover with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and finest cleaning tools. Cleaner carpets are healthier, softer, shinier, and live longer.

Please advise me the best cleaning method for my carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning can be done by following several methods such as carpet steam cleaning, rotary scrubber cleaning and encapsulation carpet cleaning. In our view, steam cleaning is the most effective method of eliminating  contaminants among the all three methods. Even all the carpet manufacturers recommend Steam cleaning method to follow.

How can carpet cleaning improve the health of the inmates of the house?

Carpet cleaning can remove harmful substances to grow to keep the inmates healthy. Kids are more vulnerable to this. So, carpet cleaning is really necessary.

Do you provide same day carpet cleaning?

Yes, we do provide same day carpet cleaning and we are available throughout the year even on weekends and public holidays.

What kind of chemicals do you use for curtain cleaning?

We do not use any chemicals for curtain cleaning. All our cleaning solutions are made of only eco-friendly ingredients that are not at all harmful.

Why do I need mattress cleaning?

If you wish to get a better sleep and keep your loved ones healthy then you need mattress cleaning. Contaminants find your mattress a great place to reside and breed. If you do not get your mattresses cleaned once in every season, these contaminants are bound to increase and become a cause for illness in your home.

Can you do away with stains on my tiles?

Yes, at Tip Top Clean Team we have just the right kind of stain removal treatment to give your tiles and grouts a fine look again. From blood stains, dirt stains, to wine stains – our cleaners can take care of all of these.

I have a leather sofa. Can you clean it?

Yes, at Tip Top Clean Team we have a special team for leather upholstery cleaning. Leather upholstery needs different kind of cleaning and care. We have been doing leather upholstery cleaning for more than 20 years and we know just how to enhance its beauty in the finest possible way.

Where all is your service available?

We cover a wide area including all the suburbs of Australia. No matter whether you are in the southern, eastern, western or northern suburb, our experts will be available to assist you. They will come right to your place and are just a phone call away. Hence, avail our services at an affordable price without any hassle from any part of Australia.