Easy Steps For Cleaning The Couch: A Guide For Couch Potatoes

It doesn’t matter how lazy a person is, cleaning is important. You may be eating a lot, watching Netflix all day long, even spending the weekends on your couch. That’s all okay, some people don’t find other humans interesting. It’s not a sin to limit our interest to few indulging things, but we shouldn’t forget about that couch, where we spend those diamond-like precious time.

Nevertheless, a person should be optimistic, whatever he or she is doing in their life. If you take out some of the time from your lazy schedule, you can easily manage to clean the couch. In extreme cases, where you don’t want to disturb your comfort zone or maybe it’s difficult to step out from it, you can always hire professional upholstery cleaners. At Tip Top Clean, we understand each and every client and give them the best service, our expert upholstery cleaners are capable in removing all kind of food stain, you know ketchup and sauces are difficult to remove and they leave an indelible stain. We have special cleaning solutions to counter those, so don’t worry and preserve your individuality. For the independent spirit, the easy steps are articulated below.

Check The Labels On Furniture.

The label on upholstery has a symbol, every symbol represents the washing method technique. Here is the representation of those symbols.

Fabric Code                                      Washing Method

W                                                        Only safe for water wash.

S                                                          Only Safe for dry cleaning solvents wash.

W/S                                                     Safe for both water washing & dry cleaning solvents.
X                                                           Delicate fabric material should be handled by professionals.
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Wash the upholstery according to the label. But before upholstery cleaning by yourself, a spot test is necessary, to ensure the safety of your fabric.

Own A Vacuum Cleaner? Get It On Work!

Couch cleaning is not a regular task, you have to suffer from the wrath of cleaning. Take out your vacuum cleaner and run it thoroughly all over the couch and remove each and everything which comes in your way. Pet hair, dust, debris, pepper you have sprinkled on your pizza.

Upholstery Vaccum Cleaning
Upholstery Vaccum Cleaning

Now, Bring Out The Big Guns: Prepare Your Cleaner.

You can buy a cleaning machine or rent one, in both the cases, read the instruction manual carefully. The temperature should be maintained perfectly, so that won’t become too hot and too cold. Shampoo dissolves perfectly at a perfect warm temperature, continue cleaning the couch.

Dry The Couch.

When you’ve successfully completed the couch cleaning, give a pat to your self. It feels great to do some work, now let the couch dry on its own. Turn on the fans and open the windows, let the fresh air come inside the room.