Carpet Cleaning Services

Mernda’s Professional Carpet Cleaners 

At Tip Top Clean Team get Professional Carpet Cleaners with plenty of experience in domestic, office and commercial properties in Mernda. Our carpet cleaning services includes same day service, carpet spot & stain removal, carpet deodorizing & sanitizing, steam cleaning and efficient carpet cleaning process. To get the Best Carpet Cleaning Company ✅ in Mernda. Call 1800 256 995 or contact us online us for the same day services.

  • Accredited Carpet Steam Cleaning.
  • Family Operated.
  • Prompt, Local and Reliable Cleaners.
  • Over 15 years of experience.
  • Static Control.
  • Carpet Disinfecting & Sanitising.
  • Free Quotes.
  • Carpet Protection Services.
  • Dirt Removal.
  • Latest Equipment.
  • Fabric Protection.
  • Carpet Stain Removal.

Mernda’s #1 Carpet Wash Company

We are offering Mernda’s best carpet steam cleaning services.

  • Experienced & Vetted Cleaners
  • Number 1 Carpet Wash Company
  • Flexible timings to minimize downtime
  • Cheapest & Competitive prices in Mernda
  • Powerful Water Extraction equipment
  • We will pre vacuums your carpets
  • Washes the carpets
  • Sucks up any spills.

Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaning Mernda

Tip Top Carpet Cleaning Mernda team is your local carpet steam cleaning company. We provide carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning and carpet flood water restoration services in Mernda. Our carpet cleaners are available 24 hours for emergency carpet wash. Tip Top Clean team is renowned company which offers you high quality of carpet steam cleaning result.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Welcome to Tip Top Clean Team at Mernda – a company that delivers quality carpet wash all over Mernda at the best possible prices. With twenty years of experience. We use the most advanced cleaning equipment and bio-friendly (chemical-free) cleaning solutions. Your carpets are precious to us and they are treated with utmost perfection by our trained cleaners.

Get a FREE Pre-Treatment!  Ring us 1800 256 995 for the same day carpet steam cleaning booking. Our local carpet cleaners lives across Mernda.  

  • Fast Carpet Drying
  • Carpet Rotatory Shampoo Service
  • Get a FREE Pre-Treatment!
  • Carpet Anti-stagnant Treatment
  • Residential & Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Emergency 24 hours Flood Damage Carpet Restorations
  • Vomit Cleanup

Rejuvenate Your Carpets in Mernda

If you are sick of carpet stains? Tip top’s  Carpet Cleaning technicians will endeavour to remove all possible stains from your carpets. We will try to restore original look  of your carpets. We cover all Mernda suburbs. Experience with the expert house cleaning services.

  1. Northern region
  2. Mernda region
  3. Eastern region
  4. Sunshine Coast
  5. Southern region
  6. Western region
  7. Gold Coast

Benefits of carpet cleaning in Mernda

  • Carpets have become an inseparable part of every pleasant ambiance, be it a residence or a work place. But a dirty carpet can ruin the impact and the pleasantness of an area. That is why you need to keep your carpets clean.
  • Carpet strands are the home of soil, dust, and silt which is very harmful to us- particularly kids because their immune system is not as strong as the adults. They can catch breathing issues easily but clean carpets can remove any such possibility and make the air around you healthier.
  • Clean carpets keep the air fresh inside a house or an office, removing any scope for bacteria, fungi, etc, to develop.

Experience a delightful carpet cleaning service by one of the premium cleaning service providers in Mernda – Tip Top Clean Team!

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Why Give Professional Cleaning to Carpets?

Allergens, pollens, bacteria, and all sorts of contaminants find your dirty carpets very attractive. When you keep your carpets dirty and untouched by professional cleaners for a long time, your carpets become home for all these contaminants. And they don’t limit themselves to the carpets only, these particles pass on to the air that you breathe and from there enter your body as well. And this is why you need professional carpet cleaning – to clean the carpets, to get rid of contaminants, and to breathe healthy air. We provide a huge range of carpet cleaning which includes steam cleaning dry cleaning, stain removal mould removal and more.

Tip Top Clean Team: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are looking to attain benefits of carpet cleaning then it is vital to choose a cleaner wisely. Carpet cleaning can come cheap as well especially in today’s world of extreme competition but as a customer you should look for a company that is experienced, insured, delivers effective results, and hires certified cleaners. At Tip Top Clean Team we assure you to deliver the finest carpet wash services with the following benefits:

  • Cleaner carpets are healthier and more hygienic
  • Healthier carpets lead to healthier air
  • Healthier air leads to healthier you
  • Contaminant free carpets mean no chances of health hazards.
  • Cleaner carpets lead to better life for carpets
  • Lesser air borne diseases due to cleaner carpets

And definitely cleaner carpets are a delight to look upon. Give your carpets a cleaning they deserve, call Tip Top Clean Team Mernda today!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Mernda: Our Cleaning Procedure

Flawless carpet cleaning results are achieved by two different methods – carpet dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning. Depending upon the carpet’s fabric and the extent of cleaning required, we choose any one of these methods. These processes are described below:

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning

    First steam we will steam clean your carpets to remove loose sand & dust.

  • Pre Inspection of Carpets

    The process begins with a pre-inspection of the carpets to check the fabric of the carpet and note down how dirty it is.

  • Pre Vacuuming of Carpets

    Pre vacuuming of the carpets removes the solid dust particles from the carpets.

  • Washing of Carpets

    Using advanced agitation tools we wash the carpets with the help of bio-friendly cleaning solutions. These are safe for kids and pets too.

  • Post Vacuuming of Carpets

    To eliminate all residual particles and remaining dirt particles from the carpets, we do post vacuuming after washing. This is done after 24 hours of the cleaning for better results.

  • Pre Inspection of Carpets

    The process begins with a detailed pre inspection of the carpets to find out the fabric and extent of dirtiness.

  • Pre Vacuuming of Carpets

    With pre vacuuming of the carpets we say bye to all the solid soil particles from the carpet.

  • Washing of Carpets

    We wash the carpets with superbly efficient eco-friendly cleaning solutions to eliminate stains and spots.

  • Hot Water Extraction

    Afterwards exhaustive washing is done using hot water extraction. Here we use cleaning solutions with hot water under high pressure to clean the carpets from deep within. This helps in getting rid of deeply embedded contaminants and removing moisture content from the carpet.

  • Pile Setting of Carpets

    This is important to retain the softness and looks of your carpet.

  • Drying of Carpets

    Then we dry the carpets with the help of air dryers to achieve our target quickly and effectively.

  • Deodorising of Carpets

    We also deodorise your carpets so that they did not just become clean but hygienic and healthy as well.

Carpet Cleaning Mernda: Satisfactory Results

Tip Top Clean Team Mernda offers effective results for carpet cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients. With our cleaning services, your carpets & upholstery will be cleaned in an absolutely stunning manner. And if we don’t provide an unmatched quality carpet cleaning service to you, you are free to ask for re-cleaning by our cleaners without spending an extra penny!

Why Tip Top Clean Team for Carpet Cleaning Mernda?

Tip Top Clean Team is considered one of the best in Mernda for domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services. We give your carpets a brand new makeover with our finest and safest carpet cleaning services. Other features that make us superior than other carpet cleaners in Mernda, VIC, Australia are:

  • Fully insured and have 20 years of industry experience.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • We don’t use harmful chemicals for carpet cleaning.
  • Our services are available at the lowest prices in Mernda.
  • We do same day & emergency cleaning services.
  • You can call us anytime; even on weekends or public holidays.

Tip Top Clean Team aims to give you the best cleaning experience with our exclusive carpet cleaning services. Avail our services today and give your carpets a new look!

Carpet Cleaners Demonstrations Mernda

We specialised in all kinds of steam cleaning services.  Our steam cleaning clients include Offices, Restaurants, Homes, Offices, Cinemas, Medical Centres, Flats, High Rises Buildings,  Shopping Centres, Churches & other commercial and domestic premises. Please have look at the video of one of carpet steam cleaner at work.

Remove Your Carpet Stain

At least once in a year you need professional help for your carpet cleaning task. You can trust Tiptop Clean Team with closed eyes for your Carpet Steam Cleaning. They have all the knowledge and skill to remove all kind of stubborn stains from your carpet. Thanks you Tiptop Cleaning Services. I am quite impressed with your work. Wish you all the best for your future endeavour guys. Keep up doing good job.
- Ruby

Extremely happy with their work

Cleaners were very prompt and got straight to work. They finished my carpet clean in a timely manner and were great communicators. I was extremely happy with their work, got the bond money back. Great service. thank you, team. I would like to highly recommend them.
- Dyla

strongly recommend service

I had some a large area of messy in my rental’s carpet-which had been brand new when I moved in many years prior- the carpet was very messy in a high traffic area. There was a leftover new carpet, and with the staff, the whole area looked like nothing had ever happened. I would strongly recommend them to anyone with cleaning to rental properties or otherwise.
- Russell Brandy

One of the best service

One of the best services for Tip Top Clean Team. Cleaned my carpet efficiently and did a very good job at affordable prices. the service was very good. thank you, team. Will definitely be recommending to my family members.
- Andrew Wilson

”Carpet Cleaning By Experts”

I realized how it feels to get experts to clean your carpet. I tried cleaning my carpet on my own but always failed to remove the stains out of it. I decided to hire the professionals of Tip Top Clean Team to clean my carpet. The Tip Top Clean Team have expert cleaners who can clean your carpets beautifully and can remove all kinds of dirt, stains and bacteria. Home cleaning methods are insufficient to protect your carpet from the attack of bacteria, mould, and other kinds of contaminants so better hire a professional and get your carpets cleaned thoroughly. I highly appreciate the efforts put by the whole team and would definitely recommend their services to others.
- Danian
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